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Juno Joins Dutch Design Week 2021 with 3D printed incubator 2.0

On the Dutch Design week, type the first conceptual prototype of the incubator 2.0 was presented to the world. Goal of the prototype is to get first input from people that have had a prematurely born child on what they missed and would like to see in the new incubator.

Feedback from the "advisory board", a committee of people that have had a premature born child and know what comes to mind and heart, described the need for a safe environment, that allows connection and communication with the newborn. " you feel so alone, if possible in any way, I would add the ability to speak to, feel and touch the baby" What came to mind when talking to obstetricians is the need to create an environment that mimics the womb as closely as possible. This means dark, and definitely no option to touch the newborn. Further conversations on the DDW with obstetricians about the 3d printed model have given insights on technical requirements for a second prototype. An incubator needs to operate within already existing processes within each hospital. Each hospital has their own way of working, their own alarm systems and their own way of setting up security and back up systems. Purpose of this conceptual model was to tickle the brains of both regular visitors, but also doctors and other people such as insurance companies and hospital management that will be involved in the implementation of a new way of incubators. Further research will be done with the model.

Image: Alwin Cornelisse, Design: ir. Lyla Kok

Photo: Alwin Cornelisse, 3d printed MRI scan Mannikin: Juliette van Haren Read more

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